How to create a Request

Here we will show you how easy it is to create a new Service.

Open your favorite Browser and navigate to your SCOOSP Portal as an admin User

  1. Navigate to Services (1) and click the New (2)

  2. Enter your Service Details as the Name (1) and the Description (2) for your Service. Add the ExternalKey (3) of your Service Group, choose the Service Group(4) and choose some Service Images (5) if you like.

    More Information about ExternalKey are here!

  3. Choose your Request New Runbook (1) which you will us after the Service has been started.

    More Information about Runbook Types are here!
    More Information about Initialize Data are here! 

  4. Configure an Approver (1) if you like, just type the Username and select it from the list.

    More Information about the Approver list
    More Information about how the approval work are here:

  5. Select a Security Group (1) if you would like to limit the acces to the Service

    More Information about the AD Group List

  6. Configure your Questions. All configurered Initilaize Date from the Runbook will be provided as Questions. You can configure some Options for each Question.

    The Question (1) will let you choose the Name of the Question, configure the Type (2) of the Question, choos if it is Required (3).

    There is also a way to configure a Regular Expression (4) and a Validation Message (5).

    If you like a different Order (6) of your Questions, just enter a Number.

    More Information about the Question Types
    More Information about the System Questions/Initialize Data are here!

  7. Click Save and your Service has been created
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