Configure the Datasources

There are several Datasources you can configure with SCOOSP. Datasources are used for Userinformation, List of Approvers, List of Service Groups and some more.

See the List for more Details

  • User Information
    Here you can configure the Informations availbale on the User Page. Enter them in the following style:


    Displayname will show up on the Userpage and can be configured as you like.
    Propertyname is the Name of the Active Directory Property

    To seperate multiple entries use "," as delimiter
  • Team Information
    With this setting you will be able to configure your Team Information. Based on this you can configure if your team is based on the ManageBy Attribute or if it is Group based.

    ManagedBy Attribute: if you choose this setting, your Team will contain users, where your user is set as Manager.

    Group based: if you choose this, your Team is build with users in Groups where your user is set as amanger. Additionally you can configur an OU where this Groups are located.

    Group based & ManagedBy Attribute: if you choos this, both settoings will aply.

  • User Services
    Based on this Setting, the User Service will be available. Configure the Distinguished Name of the OU where your Groups are located.

  • Service approvers
    Configure a LDAP Query, to get your Service Approver List.

  • Service AD Groups
    Here you can configure the List of Groups, which you want to configure as Security Groups for your Services. Enter the Distinguished Name of the OU.


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