Runbook Types

In SCOOSP you will be able to configure 6 Runbooks Type each Service Request.

Request New Runbook: will be used to start the Request

Request Info Runbook: If configurered, Users can get more Informations for this Service Request. Configure your Runbook with "Return Data" to provide more Informations with this Runbook.

Users will see this "Information" Icon

Request Info Runbook: This Runbook will be started, if the Service is configured to be approved. So you can use this RB to send a Notification to the Approval User.

Service Info Runbook: Will provide some additional Informations based on the Service.

Service Remove Runbook: will start the Remove Runbook for the Service

Service Change Runbook: will start the Change Runbooks for the Service.

More Details for Service are here:

More Details for built-in Initialize Data Parameters are here:



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