How to order SCOOSP

  1. Please go to and select your SCOOSP Version and click "Buy"
  2. You will be redirected to our Partner "Share-It" to place the order.
  3. Enter a voucher code, if you got one.
  4. Enter your Personal Informations and select your payment method. You will receive your License Key immediately.
  5. Click NEXT
  6. On the second Page, there are 2 important fields.Domain Search Root (1) and Subscription Conditions (2)

    (1) Domain Search Root is important for your license Key, so please type in your correct Domain Search Root, like you configurered this with your SCOOSP Installation.

    How to get the correct Domain Search Root

    Enter the same Value like you see it on the Admin Tab in Datasources

    (2) Subscription Consitions will allow you to get new SCOOSP Version and support after the first year.
  7. After clicking "Buy Now" you will receive your License Key and Your Invoice from "Share-It".

Thank you.



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