Create and configure Announcements

Since Version 2.3 you will be able to configure and display Announcements in the Homepage.

There are a few steps to set this up.

  1. Log in as an Admin
  2. Go to Settings Page
  3. Scroll down to Announcements
  4. To activate Announcements, activate the checkbox "Show Announcements" (1)
  5. To create a new Announcements, click "New"
  6. Enter Title (2) and the Announcement Text (2)
  7. Configure Start Date (4) and End Date (5). Between Start Date and End Date, Announcement will show up on Homescreen.
  8. Activate "Is active" (6) to enable the Announcement
  9. Description (7) can be used as an internal note, this will not be available to End User.
  10. Click "Save" to save the settings


If actual Time is between Start Date and End Date, the Announcement will show up on Homescreen. Styling can be configured with CSS


!! SCOOSP Version: "2.3.***" or higher !!

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