Unique URL to your SCOOSP Request

You can offer a unique URL to a Request, for you and your Managers or Approvers.

How this unique URL is build?

Each Request started by you or your Users, will have a unique ID, this will build your Unique URL.

So for example, SCOOSP is available with the following URL


the unique URL for your Request with the Number 11828 will be


Who will have Access to this.

As a Standard Setting, only related Users to this Request will have access to the Unique URL.

Related Users are:

  • Requested by User
  • Requested for User
  • Approvers

Can i make a Service globally accessible?

Yes, you can configure the Access to Request, based on a Service Setting.

So go to your Service Settings and activate "Is Globally Accessible" This will make all Requests, based on this Service accessible to all Users.

One More Thing.

Cause we pas he Request ID as a built-in initialize Data, you can make some HTML Links in your Notification Runbook

Note: Unique URL is available since Version 2.5

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